We Finally Filmed Our Kickstarter Video!

I just got back from Miami where we filmed our Kickstarter video for The Parallel Connection.  What an exciting and exhausting few days!

This fall we will be raising funds for our first production run through a Kickstarter campaign which we hope you will all participate in. Producing a short video for Kickstarter has been part of the process that up until last weekend seemed very far off in the future! The idea of telling my story, explaining our brand and getting people to see how cool our leggings are in about 2 minutes seemed impossible! And, I knew that as the face of The Parallel Connection brand, it would be important that I actually be on camera... that made me even more nervous.

During the production, we got to see our leggings styled in different ways on a range of women.  And, well, we weren’t disappointed. I think women who wear our brand will feel as good about them as the models did. The models looked great in them! They all liked the comfortable and flattering fit, the fabric and the different print patterns. And they thought it was great that we will be giving back to understood.org.

Finally, I felt good and confident in our leggings... and even better about our chance to make The Parallel Connection a success after wearing, watching and hearing everyone’s reaction to our brand.

I don’t think that I will be ready for Hollywood or Broadway any time soon (although I now have some very good connections!). But, we couldn’t be more excited and grateful to have worked with such a creative, talented and professional group this past weekend. Carol and I can’t wait to see the edited version. We think it is going to be terrific.