I grew up with a language based learning disability and throughout my life, I faced challenges, especially in the classroom.  Although I had a great supportive family and caring teachers, I found myself lacking confidence in many situations.  Along the way, I realized that lots of women lack self-confidence, just like me.  As I got older, I found confidence came from experiences, big and small: from living away from home to graduating from college to getting my first job. And, throughout it all, I found inspirational quotes and phrases helped to provide additional support.  

For the past eight years, I have worked with special needs children and seen the difficulties that these kids face daily.  And, funny how I see with them, what I saw with me.  Positive sayings and quotes like “of course I can” and “success is possible” are positive motivators for them, too.  Although everyone faces different challenges, it has become clear to me that we can all have a positive impact on others in large and small ways each and every day.  I realized that I wanted to do more.  Based on my life experiences, I came up with an idea that combined my lifelong inspiration from motivational quotes and words, my desire to give back to a cause important to me and my family and my love of fashion.  When it comes to fashion, leggings have been a long-time staple in my wardrobe.  I love them because they are comfortable, easy to wear and they make me feel good.  But, I have found that although it is easy to find work out leggings, it is hard to find an option other than the solid black legging if I want to wear something nicer.  So, I created leggings inspired to be different and a brand, The Parallel Connection.

The Parallel Connection, inspired by my life journey and my unique experiences is my way of giving back.  Our leggings are high quality with beautiful refined prints and have a comfortable flattering fit. Embedded in every pattern is a word or phrase inspired by my personal belief system.  The Parallel Connection gives you, my friend (the sophisticated fashionista) a great option to wear with your go-to solid tops, while adding individuality and style to your legging wardrobe.  They are made in the USA from eco-friendly fabrics and will be available in both the classic fit as well as a skinny pant style. Perhaps most importantly, we are donating a portion of our profits to www.understood.org which supports kids with learning disabilities and their families.

Our hope is that The Parallel Connection leggings will add individuality, inspiration and style to your legging wardrobe.  You will feel great about yourself and be encouraged to “dare to dream”.




As a mother-daughter team, we connected through our inspiration to design and produce clothes that make women feel wonderful about themselves.

We believe in the power of women working sharing ideas, skills and abilities. Women working together create a special energy and bond and is an inspiration to other women. 

The Parallel Connection, Founders Carol & Allison Levy


Our Brand

We believe that every woman should have access to beautiful, well-crafted clothing basics that inspire her sense of confidence, individuality and style. The Parallel Connection INSPIRES women: 

To love themselves through the clothes they wear, using comfortable, flattering clothing with hidden inspirational messages. 

To be kind to our planet by wearing clothing made from eco-friendly fabrics manufactured with ethical production practices and encourages smaller, sustainable wardrobes.

To give back by supporting families with learning and attention issues. 

The Parallel Connection INSPIRES women to recognize the importance of life’s connections and encourages them to appreciate, grow and strengthen our connections at every opportunity. We hope that our collection inspires every woman to add interest, fun and individuality to her wardrobe, resulting in a comfortable confidence.